BobaFett girl

Hi. in progress, that BobaFett girl. mesh from Blender and little sculpts in Zbrush. everything else in Blender.

Wonderful work!

Nice! You really can tell who’s work this is. :slight_smile:

Edit. And with who I mean XAD. Very distinct style!

Hey. Thanks. What do you mean? Georges Lucas?

Her panties (armor?) are too tight on her. It looks like they are going in.

Because women need no armor <.<

You’ve got a very good looking character already, XAD! I like the poses you’ve tried out, the compositions all looks very heroic and fitting for such a character. Some parts do need some more development, such as the pants and leggings, but as you said, this is still a WiP.

Did you base this on another image, or is the concept of your own design? I find the Boba Fett girl very appealing!

thanks for kind words!
yes, men need xomen need no armor!
James, yes, i tryed a sexy way to model some piece of armor, and still search a way to do pants and shoes. most of the design is from original star wars design; Though, most of picture on Google have this sort of pose.


They most certainly do not! You spot an armored figure with a gun you will blow its head off in 0.31472 seconds. Faced with a lightly dressed opponent you’ll think about a different kind of headshots until you’ve got blaster holes for eyes. It’s all according to their plan! :smiley:

Having said that, canoning J.C. I do like the expressive poses, but the model looks unbalanced right now. between the amount of armor/clothing on the top half and the lack thereof on the bottom… how about metal plates for thighs? Could work, somewhat.

here is i hope an answer to you question Kogomat. hope it’s quite finished.


Leg warmers are hideous, but that is your choice as the artist. if her underwear are that small and loose I swear I would see more anatomy falling out… O.O Are her hips in proportion to her shoulder width?.. Otherwise Awesome.

Ha ha ha! you’re kind right! “otherwise awesome”!! ha ha! i think i’llcut the pants and just keep it under the knees



Nice creativity. The name fits more with a girl.

Barbara Fett?

It’s a well-put-together and sexy model.

Nice, but the knee pads should be on the knees instead of underneath them so they don’t drag the leg covers down.

Thank you!
Craig! my god you’re right!! haven’t seen that issue!!
Some REALLY QUICK (don’t shout!) renders, to find apose with customers (she will be a fig)

I think it is an armor thong

Exactly. no way to use some physical parts when you can use a clone machine