Bobber Head

Originally planned on making him larger but ended up with this scene. Comments & critiques are appreciated!

Took 2 mins @ 100 samples

Took 8 mins @ 100 samples

I will post more renders of him soon!

Another render of this little dude.

Took 6 mins @ 200 samples

Focus point seems off in first and third renders… I think the focus should be on the character’s head. Also, in the third render, the characters feet goes through the floor.

Other than that, lovely character!

Thanks! It’s all rule of thirds and the head is always at least very close to where it needs to be (not sure how to say that.) Do you think it has to do with the DoF?

Also I fixed the problem with the feet but I forgot to delete the old attachment. I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment!!!

Very original and creative character. For the little amount of time you noted that it took render… I think I would try a render of at least 500 samples just to see how it looks.

Cute character. I’d like it better if its head was of a different material, something more rope-ish, or in the same colour.

For the DOF, I think it may be aiming at the origin point of the character, maybe? Compositionally, I think it’s fine on the two mentioned earlier. But if you take an empty, you can place that wherever you want, such as by the head, and use that as the DOF target.

Cute character, BTW.

@everyone Thanks!

@harleynut I’ll try again but for some reason whenever I tried a render with more samples blender was crashing. Maybe there was something eating up my cpu tonight, so I’ll try again.

@JoolsMcFly Not really sure what I could use, I figured a bobber went well with the character’s “story”

@gradyp Thanks for the tip on using an empty, I’ve never thought of that! I’ll try putting his head as the DoF target first.

P.S. I’m only going to work on the DoF and a better render if I can recover an auto-save of the original pose (him sitting on the sardine can)

P.P.S. Any other poses/items you want to see rendered with him?

Zombie, if you’re using Windows, there’s a hidden file chain you might look under: [UserName]->App Data->Local->Temp. When I lost a number of files a year or so ago, I was able to recover some of them by looking there.

Okay cool!

I think he is a very cool looking toon. Nice work!!

Super sweet character! Thanks for sharing.