'bobulator and yafray/lighting tests. [wish i had maxwell]

here’s my pitiful attempt to look like maxwell renderer…


i can’t seem to get the lighting closest to the camer right…i dunno, anyone experienced with stuff like this ?

more eye candy/lighting tests


i like that last one. radiosity right? (i know the title says yafray, but i never get results like taht with yaf so…)

maxwell renderer…

Oh man… If only I did have Maxwell… Anyways, nice renders, specially for yafray, I never get good results with it…

Coalth: nope…all yafray. i know, it can be hard to get results like that…but if you stick with it its possible.

Carpedium OT: thanks for the great comments…and yes…if only i had maxwell…but o well. and as far as results like that…stick with it ! you’ll get it eventually.

quick update on the lights…fixed a couple light leaking issues…im getting closer to the effect i want with every render !


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Well that’s funny… :slight_smile:

yeah, thats what i thought to…but i never got to see it !


the user posted his own art in your thread, that’s considered hijacking another users thread. [nothing to see, move a long…]


How do you make the colors in that scene? Is it lamps? An emit on material? Photons?

Oh!.. lol

I must say, it’s very rare I see an admin on… :slight_smile:

well, here’s a better quality render…fixed a few issues to



If you used emitting to achieve this effect, could you share your settings or a blend, I’ve been trying to achieve something similar in Yafray and can’t seem to get emitting to work properly. Thanks.

well, i did use emiting planes in the backs of each little room. and i also put an area light right in front of them with the color matched exactly to the color of the planes. this is very important for yafray or else the area lights won’t work with the emmiting planes correctly.

Nephets, I have the whole concept down of the emit face with an area light, however mine seems a lot more pixelated than yours does. I’ve even got OSA at 16. Any ideas?

kick your Yafray quality up…mine was on “Best” oh. and also i have it on Full, not skydome GI or whatever.


make sure you have AA on as well to smooth out the lines

Did you try upping ‘refinement’ and ‘prec’ but with only a quality of medium? They can be found under the cache-button and I read somewhere that those would be preferrable to upping over the quality setting. As in more quality versus time than a ‘best’ quality setting.