Bocah malas | Lazy kid

Hi guys, this is my first character I ever made
it was created for bajaj (blender army jakarta) short movie project in 2012

here’s our group on facebook :slight_smile:

Hey wait a sec…IT’S JIMMY NEUTRON!!! :eek:

Very nice, what’s the background setup like? I like it and would be interested to know how it’s setup.

Very funny. :smiley:
Great job.

Nice face expression lol, it totally captures the emotion you wish to convey :smiley:

Even though is hands and forearms are strange to my eyes, you did a good work.:wink:

I agree with Damien.
The difficult part is very well done, some more work on hands.

haha may be the haircut is like jimmy has

the setup is very simple, I made it from plane and add bevel (ctrl+b) on the center edge
you can see on the picture below

thanks, dude … it would be funnier if he has tears on the eyes but I forgot to add them :hoho

yeah, the hands and forearms are really difficult to handle, the rig isn’t good enough to freely move

what’s the difficult part that you mention ?
yeah … some more work on hands

That is why I made the comment :yes:

here’s the old hair and it looks pretty weird :haha :smiley:

…who was just kicked in the jimmy.

Thanks sevantyanz I should of been more specific, it’s the material I meant.

haha, sorry my bad … the material is quietly simple too…
maybe the composite node you meant
check here

Nicely Done

thanks dude :slight_smile:
rate Excellent please :stuck_out_tongue: