My first car modeling ever.
The Seat Ibiza Bocanegra.

Will be far for perfect but… it’s my first!

Ok ok…
Definitely I’m the topology killer!

By topology killer you mean…? Nice so far, I would tighten up some of the corners where disconnected pieces meet, particularly on the doors.

Thanks Owldude.

I will take care of corners later.
I turn subsurface only for rendering.
First I’ll model all and only then I take care of sharp stuff!

Looking good, but post wires without subsurf. :slight_smile: It’s easier to check out topology.

New progress…
Now with and without subsurf.
And with back view!

It’s not easy at all…

Still needs some retouch.
The mesh is still messy and it’s getting hard to get the details right.
The shader is not final…

Next I’m gonna start the plastics…

Bocanegra’s back!

It’s late… too sleepy to write… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… what? ho! click button…

Another little bit…
Feel free to comment…

Ooooh, nice. The windows look really good. I assume this is Cycles?

Nice and clean; no obvious errors showing through with the lighting - nice. :slight_smile:


Actually, check the area I’ve circled as it looks odd.

Well Owldude, I started with blender when cycles came out.
I simply don’t know how to work with internal!

So, yes… all my works are rendered with cycles (wireframes included).
It’s so easy to work with… so easy to get results…

Yes Writer’s Block, I’m aware of some dents…
I’ll try my best to fix’em.
It’s my first attempt to model a car.
I made lots of mistakes but I’m learning a lot.

Next I’ll start the headlight interiors or the wheels… stay tuned and thank you for your comments!

Oh, ok. You’re lucky, I don’t know if I’ll ever be good at Cycles, it just doesn’t seem worth it to me to re-learn Blender.

You don’t need to relearn Blender Owldude…
If you know how to use nodes it’s easy to learn Cycles.
Then you just have to learn a few “tricks”.
Give it a try!

Headlight interiors done!
It is the most messy mesh of all times! (will not show wireframes…)

For your first car it is very good, don’t give up on this one! :slight_smile:

Will never quit GrandeP!
Just not sure if I’ll model the interiors… have to think about it.

Thank you for the encouragement!

Made a crapy backlight interior… and I’m really not thinking of improve it.
Any way… comments are welcome.

I actually found out 2 really important tricks in Cycles, so I’m starting to use it! However I can’t make it my official renderer until it can render particle fur. Furry things make up an important part of my CG world. =)

Yep… I know… fur, smoke and halos are in my cycles wish list too!
What are those two tricks?