Boccob's Reading Room

Hello every one, take a look at my new on this project.

2D view

Comments please !!!

hey, that’s looking very nice.
keep it up!

very cute. anything specific you need help on or would like to add?

Hello every one, here the updates for grass field, soon as possible i will merge the official temple with the official grass field.

I still need to finish the pillars, any idea about the textures ?
I love RPG, and i would like to make a walk ground scene, if any one could help me i use the configuration to another scenes. I will made a world, were the masters can create his on world and the character will walk and the master will use this make RPG board and dices more fun.
By the way i would like to make a ship traveling like mario galaxy any one could help me if a made the models for the world and the ship for traveling ?