Bodie Island Lighthouse

This is a model (fairly accurate, but not CAD-accurate) of the lighthouse and outbuilding on Bodie Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I WIP’ed it a long time ago in the forums, but only just recently dug it out to finish it. I know there are lots of things left undone (texture painting on chimneys, grass is too sparse, etc.), but I’ve decided to put it this one to bed for good, finished or not (so basically, no whinging!)

Here’s six different views. Click on the thumb to get 800x640 version. Links below will take you to the appropriate 1280x1024 version, if you must see it in really hi res.
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!<<—My Favorite
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!
Nice Screen Res … and for the intrepid only–>SuperHiRes!

Simply incredible work, harky. Very well done!

Really nicely excecuted, beautiful :slight_smile:

I like it, like it a lot.
Esspecially the 2nd one.
Nice, nice…

Since I lack anything intelligent to say, I’ll just go with a “very very good”.

I guess Blender itself is getting better, but also the old users (no, I’m not implying that you’re old, just that you’ve been a blenderhead for a long time) are really starting to grow into it. So many really neat renders to look at these days :smiley:

wow. that is awesome:) your attention to detail is incredible. nice texturing as well. how long were the render times?

Those renders are really full of peace. Great atmosphere.
And as said Catfish, great texturing. At the begginning i didn’t saw all the bricks and then I was like “Oh … man, awesome”.
Nothing more constructive to say.


IMHO, I would like maybe a bit less specularity on the paint of the light (both the black and white bands) but in reality, I don’t know how shiny the paints are… And I know it sounds stupid, but I’d like to see the fierece rock/cliff whatever, this light is indicating… or maybe a bit more of the ocean, coast line (did I see that someone is/was working on an ocean simulator, w/ FFT to make good wavelets?)… ANyway, that’s excellent. It’s just that you cut is so precisely around the grass it’s a bit odd.


Thanks, folks.

Render times for most images were around 10-15 minutes at 1280x1024. I’m running a Mac Dual G5 with 1GB RAM, but I was using Indesign/Photoshop while it was rendering. Also, rendering used around 760MB RAM.

When you’re at the lighthouse, you can’t actually see the water. Check out this link to the actual satellite image from Google Maps:

Click Here for Map!

If you zoom out, you’ll notice that it’s quite a ways from the lighthouse to the ocean, and there are trees and hills in between anyway.

As for the specularity on the bricks - I’ve tried to match reference images as closely as possible for the materials. The actual lighthouse is very well kept, and is even cleaner than it appears in the render. When I left the outbuilding as clean as the one in real life, it looked totally fake so I crapped it up just a bit. The spec was one of those things where reality itself looks a bit fake, so I didn’t really know what to do and just left it as it was.

The grass cuts off abruptly because I haven’t found a way to fake grass over a humongous area yet.


You always manage to inspire and impress in one moment harkyman.

Simply excellent.

No crits from me at all.


And you should put this one to bed for good, because it looks just excellent!! You’ve got a good eye for details which makes the renders almost look like they are real photographs… can’t wait to be amazed by your next projects… keep it up! :smiley:

Only one little crit - the bricks are a little to small. Other than that - perfect. 8)

The lighthouse is huge. I counted the number of bricks in a section from a good photo I took, then did the math based on a diagram with measurements that I bought at the site. The bricks are very close to scale. Just one of the other things about his project that made it difficult to render properly. The bricks look too small, but that is, in fact, how they are.

What do you do when reality conflicts with realism?

if you dont mind me asking, how did you do the sky? I think the whole picture is simply amazing. Love the warm lighting too!

I hear you and share your views :wink:


wow, simply incredible.

And you have time for your life when?

simply great

Well this piece(s) is very enjoyable to watch.

The grass is so naturally flowing on the ground. All the details, textures, lightning and especially the mood in these makes it art.

No Crits. Thanks for sharing!

May it lighten the future of Blender!