Bodie Island Lighthouse

Wow. Simply excellent work. Great textures and attention to detail.

I just have one little crit. In the last render you have there is a repeating texture on the fence. Hope you don’t mind my marking up your image a bit.

-maniac 4 hire

There’s probably more than that. I only have four distinct wood textures throughout the scene. :smiley:

I like it good job man.

The specular on the lighthouse looks odd I guess… but… it’s ok…

I have no words on this…I feel everything has been already said…

As more than one said…thanks for sharing…!!!

Awesome- Especially Great job on the texturing, and the grass- sooo good :smiley:

rock on dude

This looks great! It’s cool to see that it got into the Blender Gallery. Congradulations!

Beautiful - truly beautiful - one day I hope to match this…

My one and only crit is that buildings seem to “float” on the grass. The third pic down shows this best. Do the buildings need some sort of “foundation” course or do they simply need to be closer to the ground? Maybe the ground is too flat - maybe the shot is just the wrong angle… Maybe my eyes just aren’t working very well;-)

I really loved the textures and colours - the attention to detail is incredible - Absolutely terrific…

Thanks very much


That is such a cool picture, exellent work!