body completed, (help needed) was :yet another head

This is my first mesh ever, even if i’m an old user of POV (I even started with DKBTrace, the program from which it was written)

this is unfinished, lighting and textures are only temporary

I beg for your comments

mew…looks pretty cool, the head looks like it’s starting to go bald though…kinda doll-like.

For your first mesh this is excellent. I am now officially jealous :-?

There are, of course, quite a few things you can improve.
One of the major problems is that the nose continues straight on to the forehead. Feel the top of your nose - big indentation before you hit the forehead. That needs to be brought into this model. Also you should try bringing in some more skin folds and ridges on the eye lids - that will help immensely.

The hair I assume is made with RipSting’s fiber script. I am sure it is capable of much better results. It’s just a matter of playing with the settings till you get it right. You can also try an alternate method to produce the hair. There is good description by landis here, and also look at this Lightwave tutorial on how to do something similar for longer flowing hair. Generally speaking, the hair needs to be lower on the forehead.

I’m very interested in seing you updates.
Best of luck.

Thanks, but there is no reason for that.

As I said, I’m new to the meshes but with a lot of experience from POV.
Of course it was only geometric based objects, but you can model really complex stuff with this method. I decided to go blender when i finally get tired to model lovely scenes, but without any organic or living object

One of the major problems is that the nose continues straight on to the forehead. Also you should try bringing in some more skin folds and ridges on the eye lids - that will help immensely.

True for the two remarks. In fact the nose ridge was there at first but somehow disapeared at a later stage :frowning:

The hair I assume is made with RipSting’s fiber script.

No they are not made with fiber nor with the cards method. I’m using a bunch of dupliverts from lattice deformed cylinders.

I don’t like the card method which can cause problems if you raytrace it later (due to the alpha maps), and have no time to experiment with fiber. I tend prefer to find my own solutions.

I’m quite pleased with this solution to the hair problem, even if i will need to create a script for it, it is boring and long to make, but this way hairs are fully combable. I will certainly try to use armature instead of lattices

Generally speaking, the hair needs to be lower on the forehead.

In fact they are quite low, this is an artifact from the fact that the front planes hosts of duplis are not subdivided enough. That for the same reason that she seems to have doll hairs on the side

/me still begging for comments & critics

Hmm … lattice deformed cylinders and dupliverts.

I’m just getting into Blender, so I really need to exploring all these alternative methods more. Thanks for the description of your technique. I must check it out. The more possible solutions to a problem the better …

here is the followings :

She has lost her hairs (for the moment) but win a body

foot and knees not finished, onlly GL lighting


I really need your comments and critics here.

On the french blender clan site, I had comments that there was a problem in the relative sizes of the head and the body or/and the length of the neck.

I may agree on this, but cannot find where the flaw is precisely.

Can you post your feeling about that ?


Off-hand, I’d suggest slightly scaling the head, making the neck shorter, and defining the shoulders a little bit more.

–define the collarbone ( i know …it’s difficult )
–sculpt the details of the feet ( toes and all )
–turn the specularity on the skin waaay down.
–duplicate the hand with shift D, select all vertices of the duplicate in edit mode, and press ‘M’, and select ‘mirror along X axis’. This will give you a mirror copy, which you can then weld to the other arm. ( to weld verts, select the ones you want to join, and press ‘alt M’ )
–turn up the red on the hair, because it’s looking a touch on the green side.

All in all it looks like you are doing pretty well… the general shape is good,…I like the expressivness of the face,…everything seems to be in the right place as far as proportions. nice mesh. I like it.

<edit> also, I recently learned that if you click on the button that looks like a picture on the header of the display buttons, blender will take a really nice screenshot for you, minus the grid/camera/lamp, etc. ( i too was taking screenshots with a screen capture utility for ages, and noone told me this. ) :smiley:

Nice work with the body lukep.

About the proportions, when I saw the features of the face, the tall body, circular breasts etc., I thought you were trying for an art deco look:

see here

If that’s what you are going for, then the proportions are not off by much, but the neck still needs some work. If you want a realistic look, then I agree with all of Fweeb’s suggestions. You need to pay specific attention to the neck. At the moment it seems to be just extruding out of the body - the connection needs to be a little more gradual. Look here:

The same site also has an article on body proportions.
Hope that helps, and looking forward to updates.

many thanks to all, your insights were a great help for me and i think i was able to correct the worse problems, the main one being the place where the neck fitted to the torso and its shape.

After checking again reference pictures, I have done the following :

  • lowered a bit back of skull

  • raised base of neck

  • rounded back which was too straight

  • defined collar bones and neck muscles

  • shortened very little of the neck

  • tweaked a bit the texture too, but this not the final one

here is the result :

It is still not perfect but much better i think. Do you agree ?

I would like to not go further because i want to keep the number of polys as low as possible to be able to animate later.
I have already 3900 faces without hairs, is this amount low enough ?

Samir, I did not plan to have an Art Deco look, but as i wanted to be as realistic as possible while keeping the low polys, this leaded to stylise the shape and this can be indeed a little like this era art.

Yep it’s looking great. I would pull the lower lip back just a hair though. Lips are commonly modelled as being quite parallel too each other, but this is not usually how they are in real life. the body of the upper lip protrudes slightly more forward than the lower one, as well as being in most cases slightly fuller toward the sides, whereas the lower lip is further back, and levels out more toward the side, it is usually quite a bit fuller in the middle area. Lips are very hard to do right, and looking at an anatomy book while doing them is advisable. looking good.

thanks for that. There is a little trick to have a very expressive head that I have known for ages and never used as I was making architectural modelling :wink: :

  • Never have the eyes parallel and looking directly at the camera but focus on a single point.

Use a focus point behind the camera if you want a distant look,
Use a focus point in front and on the other side of the camera if you want a warm look.

Try this and you will found that the position of this focus point is critical

Interesting. Thanks. :slight_smile: