Body model

I am attempting to create a low poly starter mesh that I can use as a base mesh for future models for a MMORPG that I am developing. After following several tutorials I’m going to try to create these meshes. I have some reference pics from a drawing instruction book that I’ve scanned in to use for proportions. The characters will be between 10,000 and 15,000 faces so I can add a fair amount of detail. Here is the first stage:

Any suggestions and comments are welcome at any stage.

(*note: for those of you who are having problems with objects that are mirrored, try turning on ‘Do Clipping’ from the modifiers panel.)

This will keep the seam from coming apart while moving the center vert. :eek:

Hmm. Looks good so far, but having the arms and legs as separate cylinders is probably going to come back and bite you when you start animating.

Well I plan to fuse the leg and arm to the body.

Then rawk.

Ok, I have fused the arm and gotten some definition in the arms and upper body.
(222 Faces so far)

I’m thinking I’ll leave in some muscle definition even though I think most of the characters will have clothing.

I’ve added a head and given the chest area less definition to get prepared to do clothes. Something seems to look off by I can’t quite put my finger on it. The neck area needs some work.
(854 faces)

I don’t seem to be getting much in the way of responses, is there no comments?

Looking nice, but if its a unisex base model, i would have to say that the hips and thighs are too big. And the head A little small in comparison to the general body.
But nice topology and whatnot. Nice work so far
peace man
Drew :cool:

I’m begining to do some sample textures to see how the model will look with clothes on it. The texture doesn’t show up when I render the scene though. Is there something I’m missing? Here is a sample of what I have come up with so far:
This is mostly a test to see how the UV layout is working. I plan to paint the textures with my tablet to get a better quality. I also decided to get rid of the head and redo it at some point.

** I didn’t want to double post so I’ll just add an update here in an edit of this post **
I think this is all I’ll do with this for now until I get the tablet out.

Here is another vest in a similar style:

I’ve begun modelling a new head for this character. It’s still pretty plain and lacks detail but I think the proportion is correct (I think).

No responses? Is this model really that terrible?

the porportions of your head are off the highest point is sightly closer to the rear of the head the forehead is a little too bulbous. Men have a greater slope then women but what you have is slightly extreme for either case. your going to need another loop at the elbow. the overall propotions look off but i can’t put my finger on why.

women | much more flat
men / with a more sticky outy brow

The modeling on the body is quite nice. But take a close look at all the polys that you have and spin your model around and look for loops that aren’t giving you anything extra for the silhouette (sp) that will help you find things that don’t need to be there.

post another front wire of the head since it looks like you’ve changed some things. The eyes look jus a little low. low is a bit more noticable then a little high.

I deleted the whole back of the head and reworked it, extruding from the forehead back. I think it looks alot better.
I also did move the eyes up slightly (and it does look better) even though the original eyes matched up with the reference that I was using.
I’m going to have to attempt an ear next and then some hands and feet.

you’ll need to pull the mouth and chin out just a little bit. Look at a couple photos of the nose and how it attaches to the face. The nostrils are back a bit from the place where your lip goes up to meet the nose.

here some guys face to help with the lower shape in relationship to the nose

the lip protrudes further than the nose area between the eyes. (right before the brow)

I thought something about his chin and lips didn’t quite look right. Thanks for the tips. Here’s an update:

next couple of things

You need to round out the lips a bit and get the flesh between the lip and nose to meet up with the nose correctly, The top of the head is slightly pointy you need to lower the center line verts OR move the second line for the center until it is roughly between the center and third line. Man that doesn’t sound clear, but you might know what i’m talking about.

Take another look at the that guys face. Look at the location of the nostrils. Your head is coming along.