Body part resizing issues.

'allo, this is probably pretty simple to answer, but I’ve created a character and rigged it for animation. Now I want to create some animations for size and shape of the character, for custom stuff. It mostly involves size, but I’m not sure how to resize a bone without resizing the child bones. Also, when I resize a bone and turn it, it stays resized in the global direction, causing it to deform really weird.

How can I resize a single bone without resizing its children? If that’s not possible, I can work around that.
More importantly, how keep a bone resized by its normal direction instead of the global direction?

Thanks for reading! I think once this is finished, the character will prove quite good! :slight_smile:

Hey Tuah,

I think I know what you’re asking. In the armature control panel, click on the S button. It’s highlighted in the image below. Hope this helps!


Ah, thanks a bunch! This should make things turn out really well! ^____^

EDIT: It seems to work fine with FK, but it still has that global deform going in IK.
However, I guess it could be solved when playing the animations separately. But would that work properly in a game engine?
Or perhaps there’s another way to make it work in IK?

Hey again!

I’m not entirely sure why I doesn’t work with IK turned on. =( I find that in my case, I just pose each bone myself frame by frame without the benefit of IK. This means a little more work, unfortunately. =|

As for game engine, I would simply create a separate IPO with the armature scaled, and an IPO with whatever action you’re playing and then simply play both IPOs at the same time in GE. That might work. =)

Not sure about most of this kind of stuff, though, as armatures are a very inexact science because everyone has different methods of rigging. Hope this helps at least a little, though. =(