Body scales way up when Parenting with automatic weights

I bought a model from turboSquid and tried to add rigging to it.
When I got to the Parent with automatic weights the body grew in size about 10xs so it no longer fits the armature.
What did I do wrong? (I’d upload the blend file but this won’t let me)

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Why cant you upload the .blend file?
It might help.
Just click on Upload from the top bar and choose files, and select your .blend file.

it said new users can’t upload files. It didn’t say how long it take to become an “old” user.

Hi Bill, I know it’s late for an answer, but might be helpful for someone. When applying the Parent with automatics weights and the body scales up (0.10): first, remove the Armature Modifier. Then, select the body and with Shift the Metarig, hit Alt + P: Clear Parent and Keep Transforms. Select the body and Apply the Scale or All Transforms (just in case there‘s something else).
Finally, again select the body, the Metarig and hit Ctrl + P: Set parent to Armature Deform with Automatic Weights. Then verify if the Armature Modifier has the Metarig as Object. Now you can pose the model.
I hope it works for you. Cheers.

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