Body Sculpting Help.

Hi Guy’s, my first post here.
I am really new to blender, and have learnt what little I do know from trial and error. I have manage to sculpt a basic humanoid head. (As attached). This was done from a basic cube mesh that has 6 levels of “Multires”.

I would like to be able to sculpt a complete human body, but dont know what the best starting point is?

Should I rough out a body shape and apply Multi res levels or should I add a subsurf modifier? Or is that completely the wrong route.

I will gratefully accept any comments.


It’s neither a human body nor Blender, but it should give you some insight into the workflow.

What you want is a fairly simple body made out of roughly evenly sized quads. And then you add Multires and sculpt ahead. (Never apply Multires, though, there’s no good reason for that).

Brilliant thank you.

Would you need to apply the multires for texturing, i.e. adding hair (particles), or is it just best practice to leave the apply button alone?

Beyond blender (or before Blender) o would take a good look to the ideal human figure from Andrew Loomis (search the web for his legenday book - “Figure Drawing For Al Its Worth”, a unvaluable guide for those who want to (originally) draw or (nowadays) sculpt a human body.

Of course, you dont have to diggest the whole thing, if you are not planing to model a perfect human body, but the initial basics should provide you with usefull and practical information.