Body STudy. WIP.

(niewiesznic) #1

my female body creation. work in progress.

its always wrong when you make the realistic body in 3D…:slight_smile:

or look in here:

comments welcomed.


(BgDM) #2

Looks really good so far. Shoulder area where it meets chest seems like it may be probelmatic as you go on, but not sure.

Keep us updated!


(rndrdbrian) #3

Looking good!

Looks like there may be a problem with the armpit.


(slikdigit) #4

very nice! I’m working as you may know on something along similar lines. Its funny how some areas (i.e. the armpit) look the same as mine did at the same level of completion.
keep us posted

(wiensta) #5


good but,

  1. natural breasts arent so spherical, they sag slightly. Imagine a bag full of fat strapped on tho the chest (not far from reality!)
    also, the nipples shouldnt be so centred.
    2.a bit too much relief on the ribcage in the front.
    3.left of abdomen dips in too much(area under lower rib)
    4.leg is a bit too pipe-like, but it seems you arent really concentrating on that area yet.

the torso is for me, the easiest thing to model and draw accurately (probably cos in everyday life we dont see it much and can judge it more subjectively) so make sure to take care when moddelling the arms.
although the torso you have technically could exist, its not using classical proportion, so thats why i commented with a wee bit more detail.

hope this helps!

(Bapsis) #6

VERY nice!!!
Im doing my first attempt now at a sexy female form, (tho mine will be clothed and not so much skin detail…ie NIPPLES) :wink:
I hope tho to achive even a portion of the muscular and skeletal and boobastic shapes that you have created, good work! Definatly post her up when your finished.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(niewiesznic) #7

here comes the progress body mesh building picture,

still a lot to do.

there are parts that doesnt look like human part of body, i will work upon them later…

(niewiesznic) #8

another step further…

still have to work on legs (only started to do them) , and make arms and neck…

(S68) #9

Getting better & better :slight_smile:

Chest is maybe a bit too big with respect to hip?

Legs look a very good starting point


(niewiesznic) #10

I work some more upon my study of the woman body.

and i moved the message to the WIP section.


check it out,


(Jolly Gnome) #11

Otherwise really good, but the waist is too narrow IMO.