body topology

I have been searching for days now on body topology and videos on modeling the human body.
What I have found is there are a thousand ways to make a base human mesh, and almost as many ideas on the mesh topology, I have yet to find an agreed upon topology or videos on making the body with that kind of topology.

I know I havent found everything, can I get some info on great videos for this kind of thing?
also I saw something I was interested in, it was a thread called “Muscle evolution”, but it was like stage 3, and I couldnt find anything else. The mesh on it was great, and was what I have been mulling over in my head for some time.
Any help would be great. But enough searching for this morning, time to put some hours in 3D view. :eyebrowlift:

Take a look at the MakeHuman topologies. They say they’re based on 12 years of research, that should be long enough. They also have different topologies for different body types.