bodywork- barbarian

so its back to the wips. :slight_smile:
ive been piecing this guy together with my spare time over the past couple of weeks. it started as a different project, 2d actually. ill post the concept art after i get my new scanner set up. so here it is at the momment. ive been doing the hair most recently, but im still tweeking everything as i notice it. i havent done a human body before so the going is a little slow. as always id apreciate any tips or tricks that you can come up with.

thanks for looking :slight_smile:

coming along really nice =D love the hair progress too

not too much i can really crit nor do i want to, it seems like you know the style your going for, i think your keeping it all very consistant =D great job!

i await to see more =)

What are you using for the hair? It looks really cool!

It looks like the card method. A very usefull skill to have. I try but can’t get a good render. It’s too hard to get the texture to stay going one way. lol.

Overall the body is very well done though it does seem the belly button is slightly higher than any belly button I’ve seen. Good work, can’t wait to see the progress.

no crits here, and not bad for your first human model, shows some great skill.

Looks great man, I am really suprised that this is your first body model. Cant wait to see the progress on this bad boy :smiley:

lohnC: thanks for the good words, and the hair, well of course its good, stole the idea from you. :smiley: good luck/work on orange.

womball: the hair is basicly a folded card method, instead of a plane its wrinkled up some and warped to make it 3d. because it is only a folded plane it is more than easy to uv map. add a hair texture for alpha and the ‘hard part’ is done. i believe that the new shinobe project has a more indepth aproach to the whole thing.

streen: belly button, gotcha… what was i thinking… :wink:

mathewvon: thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

monkey: im hoping the progress will be worth looking at… thank you

so even though ive done work on him since the last post, ive been too busy with school to breath. as it is i have one paper due tonight and another tommorow. ill squeeze out a render when i can. thank you all for your enthusiasm :slight_smile:

small update as promised, tell me what you think.

It looks good. Very good in fact. Though I can kinda see the seam in the middle. Are you using the Alt+D size x -1 thing? 2.4 has a really cool new thing that will do it for you without a seam. It’s pretty neat.

yeah still in 2.37, the seam doesn’t bother me… thank you for the interest and the suggestion. i should pick up 2.4 soon :slight_smile:

also i have some spare time again, so an update should be on its way…

It’s hard to tell, but it looks like the way you’re going, the head will end up too big for the body.

Great work, though! keep it up