Boeing 737-300

Boeing 737-300

C&C are welcome!

Download Full Size Image Here:

Hi! At first glance, you quite nailed the overall model of a B737.

Looking closer:

1 Passenger windows are a bit too square-ish…i THINK so : - /
2 Between the nose and the fuselage it seems like you need an edge split modifier.
3 leave out lense effects and add better lighting for modell critics.
4 there is a visible seam on the middle of the model. put the mirror modifier to the correct position and activate “merge”
5 the frames between the cockpit windows dont seem accurate
6 the small window inside the passenger door should only stand out very minimal

the rest is hard to tell with that light set up, but it looks nice!

Thank you very much, you have indeed got some good points there, as for the edge split modifier, I do actually have one on, maybe I just need another edge loop in there, but oh well. And where is that seam you found, I can’t see it.

actually its a reflection, sorry…one reason more to use a presentation light setup :wink:

Oh ok, thanks anyways!