Boeing 747 - Lufthansa

Hey Guys

I am new to this forum and want to introduce myself.
My name is Ralph, I am 30 years old and come from Germany.
I am working with Blender since 2009.

I would like to present you my current project, I hope you like it …
I am asking for comments and suggestions.

Greeting Ralph


just amazing, I still have 15 years to get as good as you (;

beautiful work. Lights on the airplane need MORE flares, strong flares. And Background need some love

This is good. The model and textures are fairly detailed, we need to work on the scene.
The background, although detailed, is not interesting. Maybe something more dramatic - like taking off or touching down?

inspires me to finish my own Airbus A340 - also Lufthansa…

Nice render, Ralph.
Due to the size of the grass in front of and behind the airplane, it looks as if you have a miniature airplane toy in your scene. :wink:

I don’t get how anybody can critique this. It looks absolutely flawless and photo-realistic!

This is amazing! I love the detail on the modeling and texturing of the plane, and the runway looks incredible! You achieved the heat distortion perfectly, in my opinion. If you want suggestions on improving it, I think that the grass is too big compared to the size of the plane. But other than that, this is perfect :smiley:

I have nothing to suggest for improving this image, probably the gray wall between the foreground and the back image…but i have 2 questions: the heat is postprocess? The ‘windows’ are textures? If they are modeled can i take a look at the wireframe, just to undesteand how you did them?

Hi all,

Thanks for the positive review, so I did not expect … I think it still missing the “realistic touch.”
I’ll adjust the grass here and there and I still have noticed little things. The light I personally do not, here I will make even more adjustments.
The windows are no textures, but integrated in the model… it was the horror, because I used the boolean operation. On the next plane only textures…
The heat, I added with “smear” in Gimp.
The position of the camera I will rework it again, it’s too much sky in the image.
The background I will leave only once so the focus should be on the plane.

So, I hope you understand what I’m saying, because my English is rather bad and that is what Googel translator spat :slight_smile:

Make the plane texture a bit dirtier. When I flew with Lufthansa 7 or so weeks ago none of their planes were that clean.

The thumbnail looks totally real!!!

hi guys

somehow I can not let go of the Boeing, have decided to to build the new scene. I’m with the old camera position and the ground had not been satisfied.
What’s missing here is a Specularmap of the ground, a better background, various elements of a runway, oh and the composing is also missing … I hope I get it all now and still find time to an end.
The night version, as well as a snapshot of a machine positioned above just irritate me too.

Criticism further desired.