Boeing 757-200 Version 2 (Remodeling)

For those of you who followed my last topic(Link is attached below), I’ve decided to remodel the 757-200 project for the sake of accuracy concerns.

This time, with this project, I’ve decided to stick to a bit different modeling path.
Instead of modeling everything (Fuselage, wings…) together and then detailing as I go, I’ve decided to model part by part until it’s done and move to the next (Fuselage, wings etc.)


I admire the courage of starting this kind of huge projects, I would never have the patience to tackle such thing :sweat_smile:.

Good luck.

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Thanks for everyone following this project.


  • Imported the Nose gear from the previous discontinued 757-200 project, updated it a little and tweaked it so it matches the improved design and real life as well.
  • Cargo compartments (Front and rear) almost done
  • Modeled and textured the nose section where the radar mounts
  • Currently modeling the cabin area (Cabin floor, doors, seats, galley etc.)

Please stay tuned for more. :slight_smile:


A long time have passed since I touched this project.

I’ve tweaked the cockpit windows a bit, in order to match the real aircraft even more.
I didn’t like seeing that nose gear just standing there, so I’ve decided to animate it, just to see how it retracts into its bay.

Tbh, I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to continue to work on this project, but no worries, it will be completed one day, I promise :wink:

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