Boeing 757

I have no ETA or plans about it. The model might be ready in 2019 or in 2080, depending on… everything. I built the model to be fitting for near future simulation quality standards as well as being just a render model.

Making an X-plane mod is so much more than just a 3D model, but if I happen to find a good team one day, it’ll be in some simulator eventually.

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Maybe it’s time for a small update:

Nose landing gear 99 % finished

Cabin started


This has been asked before (two years ago), but do you have plans for using this in a sim yet?

Oh man, has it been two years already? Yeah I have plans about using it in a sim but that’s about it. Maybe one day I’ll have motivation and time to finish the model, then I can start asking people and teams if they’re interested in working on this.

Progress has been kinda slow but here are two lazy screenshots of the rear landing gear:


Any idea if you want to do a payware or freeware project when you do find a team?

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I’m with a development team for MSFS, and we’re working on a 757-200 as well, but we are just starting out on modelling. If that seems like something you want to look into, I can give you my discord (or email) and we can talk!

Looks great I love the ceiling and pads above the windows, really adds to the realism of an actual cockpit

I aim for payware. One day. Or maybe it’ll just end up being parked in my virtual garage forever, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment working and studying takes pretty much all my time so I don’t have time to think about porting stuff. Also, now as you are just beginning with modeling, I don’t think our qualities would match just yet. Thanks for the offering though.

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Hey again! I’m not sure how direct messages work on here, so I decided to mention this here (Sorry if it’s repetitive, I just want to be sure). As I said earlier, I’m a freeware developer for MSFS, but I have good relations with a huge group of freeware/payware developers alike. I am also in school, and I’ve had less and less time for my project, so I’m worried about the time it could take to finish the aircraft.

I understand if you don’t want to give this model away for free, so if you name a (reasonable) price, I can pay you personally, as well as ensure you receive a large portion of donations. There are also steps we can take to keep the model files private if you’d feel more comfortable with that.

Parallel Flight Simulations:

What is your poly count sitting at now? How are you keeping it so low while still maintaining such impressive levels of detail? I am trying to look closely to notice any low poly-ness about the model but I am not seeing it. Just looks high poly to me.

I am working on a helicopter and I’m already encroaching over a million polygons. Any pointers you can provide would be really appreciated.

I am also working on an Apache,This whole work is Amazing!

Yeah I got the private messages but I have not had time to answer. I’ll keep that in mind but I won’t do anything until I have the plane more finished.

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Roughly at 1.6 million triangles, without cabin around 700 000 triangles. It will not be a light one but I’ll model it for the future resources :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if I have any bullet-proof method but I’ll cut every single polygon that will not be visible. Sharp corners are there, believe me :wink:

Alright, sorry about the repeated messages!

Hey I am interested in purchasing the landing gear ( minus the wheels/tires ) for a project if you want to PM me, we can discuss price. Thanks.