Boeing B314 Clipper

Hi There!

Just submitting this wip for critique and comments.

I am working on the UV mapping and I am struggling to make the windows on this one.

The hull is using subduvision surface and I am not sure how to make good holes for the windows of the plane without deforming the hull :0( I guess it is a newbie question but I just cannot pinpoint the right technique to drill holes in my mesh without messing with their shapes.

Rendered in wonderful cycles for fun :slight_smile:

Any comment is appreciated!


It’s beautiful :slight_smile:

looks great man. check the first link in my sig for a way to combine materials with precision using nodes and UV mapping. that way you could make windows without the need to conform to your topology.

The one critique I have is that the engines looked weird so I searched some pics: The engines you have are like cylinder with a round edge, I think they need to be more spherical looking. Also the rotor where the blades connect to should be bigger as well. Everything else looks perfect.

Just an idea, I think that you don’t have to add much detail to it and make this a decoration item or something.
Cycles is so awesome…

well where is cycle right now
is there a page describing what can be done now and what is missing

is it something usefull right now or too beta experimental?

also is workign with normal vid card like i avhe intel chipset
not the NVIDIA big card

so wondering if it is worth downloading for testing

does it give good results with normal vid card
or must use the NVIDIA one for good results?

hapyp 25.

Hi there All!

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Modron: thanks for the link. I was considering the UV mapping option as well but would like to make it as real as possible. Perhaps I will use an alpha map for the windows and UV map it. I am not sure if Cycles takes alpha maps yet but I am a patient guy so I dont mind waiting for it :slight_smile:

adam450: Thanks for the reference image. I had this one as well. I use reference blueprints from a book on this one and the engines looks ok. I will post another render from another angle since it can be misleading. However, the rotors and propellers are indeed a bit small and needs reworking.

titaniumpen: I agree… I could leave it as is and make it a toy plane :slight_smile: Just cant wait to see cycles out of the experimental phase.

RickyBlender: You can find Cycles on in both CPU and GPU version (meaning you dont need a super duper graphic card to use it). I use it with a quad core without a GPU / CUDA graphic card and it runs smoothly and is surprisingly fast (the render I posted was about 2 mins but you can have a decent image in a few secs to judge of the lighting and colors).
Cycles is still experimental but it is usable and you dont need to be a programmer to use it. The material setup can be a little tricky to learn if you are not familiar with nodes but other than that it is really smooth and impressive.
You can find a good overview of the engine here. Hope this helps!

Thanks again for the feedback.

looked at the cycle video from cgcookies

interesting but wondering what the futur will be?

will cycle completely replace Binternal renderer
because this would make 2.49 files completely incompatible from a material point of view?

another things are the world set up which seems to have completely change!

i mean this would make 2.5 100 % incompatbiel with 2.49 old files!

don’t know may be it is time to change to something else!

but overall i like the way cycles works with almot real time rendering in viewport
i was mssing this feature in blender it’s nice to see it will be included with cycle!

but cycle is still very experimental and not production ready at all yet!
and don’t know if this will be ready in 6 months for 2.6 !

happy 2.5

I am not sure if I can talk for the blender developers but I believe the plan is to keep both the blender "classic’ render engine and cycles. If only for the fact that it would be weird to have toon shading using a unbiased render engine (although it could give interesting effect but I am not even sure it is possible). Moving models to a cycles rendering would require reworking on the materials and textures (although I can see it easily converted if you used nodes for these) but it should be relatively painless if you are familiar with noodles :0)

I believe we will have a first production version of cycles for 2.6. So far, I haven’t encountered any major difficulties with it and I consider it to be quite advanced for an experimental version.

On a side note: I am finally comfortable with bump mapping in cycles and working on the details of the B 314. Will post some updates soon.


good work!