Well, I do intend to put some effort into this now. The object of this is to, after the modeling, familiarize myself with uvmapping. Unfortunately I can’t blend this any further right now because my plane for Italy will depart in about 2 hours, but as soon as I get back, I will have this finished. I promise.

Now, I believe that everyone should recognise this Boeing, not much to comment on, no, but I thought I should share this with you anyhoo.

Well, bye then…

the front is a good start, but the back looks waaay to long.


yes… the tail should be closer, remember with all that horsepower coming from those roarin engines…

Hi, I’m back and terribly tired. Anyhoo, I managed to create some (IMHO) decent looking wings.

Tomorrow (if I can wake up) ye shall see some engines and 8 sets of wheels.

Also planned is a scene with some service vehicles and an airport gate, which will probably end up being more complicated than the plane, but I should probably shut up now. And get some sleep. BTW this is my first time subsurfing. Don’t ask.

Looks right so far Carnivore,

Wings look about right as well as the body. You may also want to cut the control surfaces out of the wings so you can move them.

In about a week I am going to post an LA-7 I’ve been modeling.

Keep it up. :smiley:

I won’t be modelling any control surfaces, those lines must be uvmapped! I want to learn uvmapping and this was the only way I could think of to teach myself. Of course I could have uvmapped some monster or smth, but I decided that i’m not up to it. Not just yet. It wont have any real closeups, so I’m happy just uvmapping black lines, windows, doors. I’m thinking of a wide view of an airport with a boeing 747 being loaded. Or something of the sort. Tomorrow, if I can finish modelling, I’ll start learning uvmapping. Wish me luck

good luck :smiley:

Small update before lunch…
I know, lighting sucks…

And an even smaller update after lunch.
I know, lighting still sucks…
Now for the UV mapping. Scared. :frowning:

oo, looking very nice! How’d you get the gear to look like that? anyway, looking much better :þ

Ah yes, know I know that me and uv were not ment to be. Anyhoo, I managed to paint some weird windows:

How did I get the what looking like what? dunno. I’m still too confused to understand. Well, i’m off. Gotta rework the windows, add a cockpit and texture the wings and stuff.

hmm, that is a wierd new addition to the 747… people get to sit in the nose of the plane!? Woow… nevermind, I thought that you got some really cool looking gear from the distance, it looked like they were textured… but now I know your secret! Ok, finally, an excuse to get working on my plane again… great model! just don’t let those windows stay there, and they are WAY too close… you’d hafta be standing up just to fit in the seats…

Well, this is the 6th and I’m afraid the final update to my attempt at modeling and texturing a boeing 747. This is probably one of those things that I’ll remake in a few months. The reasons - 1. going camping and 2. my goal - to learn basic uvmapping - has been completed. My next project will probably be something organic. On my behalf, topic closed.
Well, bye then…