Bogdahn - animation

Hello Blenderheads! :slight_smile:
I’m going to make a short, funny animation with charakter I’ve model recently - Bogdahn.
Here is a test anim:
And two renders with possible ‘actors’:
I’m open for suggestions and your ideas about animation :slight_smile:
Cheers, Greg

I love the animation and the render. I think maybe you shoukd add just a little more head movement when he is walking.

Haha I love the last part of that animation.

Ok, two next renders.

Nice character detail and funny animation :slight_smile:

Standard, two more :slight_smile:

Whoohoo, I haven’t work in Blender all the summer :confused:
But here are the new images :slight_smile:

Harry Bogdahn: Love it!!! The super guy is great, too. Keep it up!

the animation reminds me of bomber man

Two next:

LoonieToon: Mmmm, Yeah I think he has something from bomberman, but bomber wasn’t my inspiration :slight_smile:
Ok, stop with modeling characters, time to start modeling enviroment…

There is (or was) a Marvel series that parioded and spoofed other comics.

(The main character’s name was Peter Porker)

These animations are pretty cool.

First try with the interrior. It’s gonna be the first scene:

What is it going to be in the end?
Bogdan impersonating famous characters in their environmnents?
Looks very cool anyway, good job on the animation!

Here’s the screenplay for first scene
And the project page
All in Polish but there’re some pictures :smiley:

are all those charachters gonna play in the same animation?

Yes, it’s going to be a parody of many films and stereotypes :slight_smile:;%5D
A present for Blenderheads because of Saint Nicholas Day :slight_smile: