bogieman987's Video Tutorials

I have started making video tutorials on youtube and i am going to post links here.
C&C is appreciated here and rate and comment on the video aswell.

Tutorial:1 - Metalic Colour (Includes Texture Nodes)
Metalic Colour Tutorial

Tutorial:2 - Planet Earth (Includes Composit Nodes)
Planet Earth Tutorial Part 1
Planet Earth Tutorial Part 2

Tutorial:3 - City Night Lights Effect (Includes Texture+Composit Nodes)
City Night Lights Effect

Tutorial:4 - Plasma Orb (Composite Nodes)
Coming Soon

Tutorial:5 - Cheap and Easy Ambient Lighting
Coming Soon

Tutorial:6 - (undecided)
Coming Soon

Tutorial:7 - (undecided)
Coming Soon

Tutorial:8 - (undecided)
Coming Soon

Tutorial:9 - (undecided)
Coming Soon

Tutorial:10 - (undecided)
Cooming Soon

I jjust watched the first one, and i have to say that it was great!!!

It was reasonably clear, just a suggestion for the other ones- don’t play around with the materials afterwards, go through the tutorial first, then turn on the screen caster that way vieewers (hopefully) wont get lost when you change the spec and hard values for example