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What could be more ridiculous than making baskets in 3D? Macrame?!
Actually, it was fun. I’m planning to make couple more. Maybe someone needs a specific one? Just let me know :wink:

Fern, ficus, trunk parts.

Some of my models are on gumroad and blenderkit.

Afterthoughts: Lessen texture stretching/squeezing when converting from curve to mesh.




Wow, both the baskets and macrame are amazing. It may that people glancing at the scene assume those are textures rather than polygons, but I think you actually model both the basket weave and the macrame weave? Geometry nodes, or tissue mod, or some other method entirely?..

I was thinking of a specific type of kinda bohemian chunky macrame pot-hangers with big, amber-colored beads I used to see in my youth, but I couldn’t think of a way to model them. I’d love to see that.

Great work and thank you for sharing

Thank you!
You are right, these are actual meshes.
Basket is a flat repetitive mesh pattern deformed with Surface deform modifier.
Macrame is modeled entirely by hand, but it is not that hard (just time consuming). It is basically couple of knots copy-pasted and rearranged. I’ve modeled it as mesh with Skin modifier, converted to curves and randomized with Mesh deform modifier, so it doesn’t look symmetrical. Then it can be converted back to mesh if texture is needed.

I’d like to see these pot-hangers, can you PM me some examples :wink:

Nice one, btw. are you sure that you don’t mess render with ref. photo :wink:
Seriously this look so realistic. And obvious question, do you plan to make some dream catcher… ( complicated one with fantasy elements ).

Thank you!
I’ve look through my inspiration folder and there are pretty simple dream cathers. What do you have in mind? I’d appreciate some examples :wink:

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No examples, I love surprises :slight_smile:
Seriously, think about dream catcher as basic idea, frame and add your own touch. One approach can be fully abstract, geometric patterns… I see some work ( in 2 and 3D ), couple times.
Or , imagine that you are hired to make game / movie asset. Short briefing like: we need something which resemble dream catcher in fantasy environment . So you can release your imagination, different materials ( leather, ropes, bones, skulls of little animals, crystals. mystic symbols, etc. ). I see this many times in game art. Sometime character wear this on belt, or some wizard have one on top of his staff, etc.
btw. this can be also in SF environment, take look on this
ArtStation - Oasis, Michael Black
Well, this suggestion are out of your usual work… but this are point, right? To try something new.

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Well, not really…
Sadly, I’m more reproduce something kind of person (to compensate for my lack of imagination). But! It is really cool idea. I’ll look more into this. It is interesting how far I can push my current skills :hushed:

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Looks great!

I saw the intricate pattern on the wall in BlenderKit, and I have to say that’s some great modeling. It’s very hard to make things look hanging down that naturally :wink:

@new_to_blender Thank you.

@vduha Thank you, that means a lot to me :relaxed:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! :blush:

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