"Boid" force field... it does nothing, right? Ought to be removed?

If you want to create a boids-like animation, you have to use the particles system, physics set to boids.

But there’s a “Boid” force field available, too— Shift-A --> Force Field --> Boid —but it has no controls beyond Strength and Flow, which don’t really apply.

Can’t find any documentation, apart from a bit of boiler-plate copy-and-pasted “this is what the principle of boids” text from some textbook.

Can anyone confirm whether they’ve ever used it successfully? Where are the controls? Or does it interact in some way with the Particle --> Physics --> Boids system?

I suspect it’s some vestigial thing that needs removing from Blender, but please let me know if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Just figured it out tonight after many hours over few days trying to get it to work properly. Once it does, its really cool. This helped me alot, but only after a while. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?171429-Boid-Attractor-Deflector-Example-Scene

My particular issue had to do with applying size and scale to the emitters and deflectors so that the forces worked properly. Once i fixed that in my scene it all clicked together. Check out that blend. Also it starts with 1 emitter, might want to up it to see whats going on. Also read his comments.