boid health?

does anyone know if there is a way to access individual boid particle information from python?

object.particle_system[i].particles[j] gives you individual properties for particle [j] in system [i], such as velocity, position, and even ‘alive_state’, but not its health in the case of boid particles.

additionally, object.particle_system[i] just stores globally how much health a boid starts off with; not individual health of each one over time.

as a final tease, object.particle_system[i].settings.show_health toggles the ability to see the health of particles in the viewport, but infuratingly doesn’t give you access to them to do anything useful!

i’ve got a neat little script i’m baking up that generates battling armies. it leverages a boids simulation and applies it to a set of actual animated figures (rather than using the limiting object or group instancing options). i can do neat stuff like trigger and blend different action strips based on particle properties, i.e. run/walk/stand based on particle speed, trigger death animations when particles change to dead, etc. but what i’d really love is to be able to trigger damage/attack/block animations. but to do it i really need to access all that wonder boid data that is apparently all locked away!

any help would be much appreciated!!

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I agree, it does look like access to health is missing from the API. You will have to invent your own system for damage management.

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