Boiler Room - First Post!

First Post!
Hi everyone, my name is Hugo and I am a 3D artist with many years of experience in Max but never advanced my skills until last year when I switched to Blender, finally getting to the point where I feel my work is worth sharing. I have many things ready to post but I wont spam the forums so I will slowly release them and hope the community likes some of it.
Im trying to increase my insta followers too so feel free to follow me digihugo_117 send me a dm saying hi and I will make sure to follow back.

This first post is a Boiler Room inspired by some pictures I found on google, I have always liked moody industrial scenes so I hope to captured that essence here.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome! Thanks :pray:

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Awesome work and well done for getting featured…you deserve it !!

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Thanks for the kind words!