Boise State's wifi block's this site

Can anyone think of a good reason why they would do this? I think somebody’s being an idiot.

how are you posting here? Try using Google Chrome or Mozilla. You can download them somewhere else, extract them, and bring them back on a USB.

I’m posting from home. I found this out using firefox. I don’t think that’s gonna solve the problem. I was just wondering if anyone could think of a reason why they would block it.

Boise State’s help desk says has been flagged for malware. I’m going to email support about it.

My highschools internet protection blocks it as ‘virus’. It’s absolutely ridiculous, wikipedia is even blocked! Our school is ridiculous about computers, it actually got flagged by the fbi because one of my friends was looking up stuff that was related to hacking, but which he was going to use for much more innocent things(can’t remember what exactly, that was a year ago).