Hi, all.

This is a small piece of japanese culture in my room. Bokken is a japanese practical sword; this one I have is probably not made in Japan :). For realism I set a small amount of RayMirror effect to harder materials - and I think it worked good. Modelled and rendered in Blender 2.46 + some textures and postprocessing in GIMP 2.4.6.

This time the scene has only 70k vertices (which is very low amount according to my other projects ;)). Render time was 2 hours and 5 minutes.

Enjoy :).

I’ve used one of those in my Aikido sessions (:


I seem to remember that a bokken is a bit more curved… unlike the shinai which is a straight bamboo practice sword.



nice render, it does seem like it should have a curvature to it though.

tycka. hm! :slight_smile:

Nice, i can’t really comment on the bokken as i have had no experience with them, but i do wonder where those 70k polys went. I can only assume it’s because of the furry blanket thing on the left and perhaps subsurfing.

Thanks for comments, guys.

I probably should have made the curvature more significant - I didnt want to overdo it and the camera view made it more flat too.

Extra guy: Yes, it is “the flurry blanket thing” :slight_smile: and the bottle on right.

pildanovak: :slight_smile:

What wood is that? I agree it should be more curved.
2 HOURS 5 MIN FOR 75K? That’s what I get for 75 millions! What’s your computer? A 1994 with a Pentium 1 processor? Or did you mean 75000000? K is used for thousands.

I dont know what wood is this (there was no manual to it when I bought it :)), but I think it is mahogany.

The render time took long becase of: Raytraced Ambient Occlusion (lvl 8); Raytraced Mirror effect for specular materials.

I wanted it to look reallistic and I think I succeeded :D.