Bokuto (Bokken)

A bokken is a japanese wooden practice sword.
The handle wrap (tsuka ito) is made of extruded circles and a image texture, I’m using a normalmap too. Modeling it from nothing was way too hard.

YafRay on stand (sheathed)
Blender Internal Top View
Untextured handle

On stand.

I had to use tga textures for YafRay…

New YafRay render. Tell me what you think.
I should have posted this on Works In Progress…

Looks good but it needs a more interesting environment and lightning.

Ok, i’ll use a dojo image.

Very cool, but as a martial artist I know by a fact that that is not a bokken (wodden training sword). The thing you got there is a katana…at least it doesn’t look like it’s made of wood. This is what a bokken is supposed to look like.
There are modern versions that look like a sword but the blade is by wood. But your model looks like it’s made by metal. But hey whatever, it looks awesome!:yes:

I know.
I just don’t like so much how the original version looks, just like a stick.


I think I’ll leave it like this…
Making a whole dojo for a bokken it’s too much.
Next project will be a katana that looks like it’s made of tamahagane, with a random hamon, like a REAL katana. :slight_smile:
I might sell these models some day.