Bold italic fonts not working

Hi There

i’m relatively new to Blender. Am having a problem getting the text tool to produce a bold italic version of a particular font (Baskerville.ttc) on my mac. I can get it to display the basic version of the Baskerville font - but not the bold italic version. And the interface through which the fonts are loaded doesn’t list separately the bold italic version from the basic version.

I have successfully done this before - but now it appears not to be working. And in fact, even reloading a project in which it was working - it seems to no longer be working!

I understand that the bold / italic switches essentially reference a new font in memory - and that the correct work flow is to switch these on, then load the font. But for having spent quite some time trying to get this to work (again) - I cannot.

Any help much appreciated!


Another way to deal with font issues is to simply create the text in an external program like illustrator or inkscape and then export the text as SVG file.

Then import the SVG file and it will come in as a curve. Then you can extrude and bevel it as needed.

If you go this route, however, you can not edit your text in Blender.