Bolo - 3rd Person Game (premature demo, check first post)

Hi, I am a student, and trying to be different and doing something i would enjoy as my project, i’ve decided on developing a game. I’ve been surfing the net trying to learn blender and found many tutorials and people that allowed me to learn some of the basics of Blender. Too bad that I didn’t find this forum earlier. I’ve been hovering in this forum for a while and finally registered so that I can participate properly this time.

Game Project
This is my game project entitled BOLO

Bolo is a traditional long knife/short sword in my country and was used by the revolutionaries against foreign invaders durng the time of colonization. It has many other names like Kampilan, Guluk or Tabak, That aside, A “Bolo” will be my main character’s primary weapon.

The Felipe(THE HERO), is the only son of the late and only beloved Gov-Gen. of the foreign Invaders. He is the union of his father and his native mother. His father was assasinated by the now ruthless Gov-Gen. and was forced to hiding and hiding because of the terrible governing of the new Governor-general. After many years, on one of his trips to the town, he heard a rumor about a secret organization that will try to overthrow the current government because of it’s ruthless rule. The boy now a man, with his mother’s love for her country and vengeance for his father’s death, sets out to find the Katipuneros(the secret society). He equips his father’s only remaining belonging, a Bolo, which was given as a gift by a native Blacksmith as gratitude to his father, to join the battle!

Concept Arts
Characters (to be used in the dialogues) -
Current Updates

This demo contains the turorial stage, and the 2 parts level 1.

Some textures are still unfixed and the HUD for the dialogue isn’t done yet, but it works, just have to redesign it, the true look for the dialogue is applied to the monk and “bino”, but only the first part, been lazy setting it up…

The demo doesn’t have the title menu yet, the narrative before and after each level, the level-up system, the effects or bonuses given by the NPCs, the save and load, and umm, many things as well that i forgot to mention…

All of the above are done already and just need a bit or a lot of revision, the level up is done but the experience coming from defeating an enemy is not yet implemented, the save and load is done but i’ve added more properties to save so it’s under maintenance, the NPC effects are not done yet, the narrative is ugly looking so i’ll redesign it…and i have a new title screen i’m working on so it’s not there yet… i was planning to really realease a demo after those are done but since i’ve made an exe, y not share it now…

So it’s a bit big… 19.6mb exactly if i’m right, it’s been compressed with winrar, so you need that or 7zip… but still please download and comment… specially about bugs and what’s not good… thanks people

Main Character

Name: Felipe
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Category: Main Character
Objective in Life: Vengeance for his father, and live peacefully after gaining freedom for his country.
Objective in-game: Revenge against his father’s killer and Freedom for his country!
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Fit and a little bit muscular
Cloths: White polo and pants, a red scarf, a blue bandana, a leather belt, gauntlet and boots.
Weapon: Bolo(Native Long Knife/Short Sword)
The only son of the Late Governor-General and a native Lady. Influenced by his father’s righteous and equal attitude towards the people and his mother’s kind and nationalistic personality, he grew up to be a fine young man. Experiencing loss at an early age, being flung around hiding and fighting for his and her mother’s life, he grew up to be a strong dependable man.

There are 7 types of enemies I plan to make, 2 types will be Weak and Normal Enemies whose only difference is the uniform, 1 will be a stronger alerting enemy, and a boss for each level, there will be 4 levels. The boss in each level will be based on the Project developers! That’s us! :slight_smile:

Current Progress: 1 Normal Enemy, and Level 1 Boss

Name: Infantries (2 types) codenamed Domz and Jhonas
Gender: Male
Category: Weak Enemies/Low Ranking Soldiers
Objective in-game: Guard the levels. Kill the Hero
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Taller than the hero, most foreigners are
Cloths: Navy Blue Uniform(Polo and Pants), a white helmet, a leather glove and boots and a belt.
Weapon: Saber

Name: Sergeants(2 types) codenamed Noel and Rhimar
Gender: Male
Category: Higher Ranking Soldiers
Objective in-game: Guard the levels, Alert other soldiers, Kill the Hero
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Taller than the hero, most foreigners are
Cloths: Black Uniform(Polo and Pants), a white helmet, a leather glove and boots and a belt.
Weapon: Spears

Name: Captain Paviton
Gender: Male
Category: Level 1 Boss
Objective in-game: Captain assigned to watch over captured prisoners
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair-to-Tan Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Big, Stout and Short(still way taller than the hero)
Cloths: Green Torn Polo, the right side is torn and short-sleeved while the other side is complete, gloves on the left arm, the polo is open, a bandana with mysterious characters(^_^), Pants and Boots .
Weapon: Giant Heavy Spiked Mace

Name: Lieutenant Luna
Gender: Male
Category: Level 2 Boss
Objective in-game: Captain assigned to watch over captured prisoners
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair-to-Tan Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: The same as the hero
Cloths: Full Uniform with a scarf (further elaboration shall be updated).
Weapon: Crescent Sword

Name: Colonel BJ
Gender: Male
Category: Level 3 Boss
Objective in-game: Colonel, Right Arm of the Governor-General
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Big, Tall, Stout
Cloths: Still in development
Weapon: Ball and Chain?

Name: Governor General Jose Juan
Gender: Male
Category: Level 4 Boss
Objective in-game: Current Governor-General
Physical Description:
Skin Color: Fair-to-Light Complexion
Hair Color: Black
Body: Agile Built, A little bit taller than the hero
Cloths: Still in development1
Weapon: Dual Swords

Current Overall Progress

    • Finished Modelling of Main Character and beginning to focus on logic
    • Trying to make an AI of the enemy
    • Level 1 is being developed by teammate as well and has prototype for it
    • Stuck on Enemy Positioning for now… need help please…
      Enemy Positioning
      I’ve posted a thread asking about this question but haven’t really had progress… I also tried the Simple Questions answere sticky, but no luck yet because i haven’t been able to post a blend of my file due to being a new member as told by Minifig(thanks for the info!). here’s the question.

How do I change my enemy’s position?? My problem is, I have an enemy with an AI that tracks my Hero and when very near will stop walking and start to attack. My enemy has an enemy box, an armature with actions, and a mesh. The mesh is parented to the armature and the armature is parented to the Enemy Box. The enemy box is dynamic.

The Problem is, when I change his position on my Level, it comes back to the same position, also, if I try to do Ctr A and Scale and Rotation to object, The enemy mesh will be on the position I placed him but still, I think the enemy box comes back to the old position because i still get attacked even though the enemy is far away…

I’m sorry if my question and problem is not very clear, the main thing i want to do is to be able to move the enemy around the Level and duplicate it also so that my Hero will have many enemies to fight.

I hope it’s alright to post this question in this Work in Progress area since it’s a part of my work in progress or rather what stops my progress for now.

Cool! Great start, I’ll be following this…

the problem your having is probably because the enemy box has a loc keyframe. Go into the IPO editor for the enemy box, and delete any loc. keys.

Alright, I deleted the key on the master bone of my enemy! now i can position him anywhere!! tnx a lot! Umm, I now can position my enemy where i want, but when I duplicate my enemy, he returns to same position as original enemy. Am i doing something wrong?

tnx for helping me out about the loc key!

Hmm, i’m confused, I’ve fixed my position problem before, but now, I can’t do it again…
can someone try and see what i need to remove and please tell me what is it.

This looks pretty cool! One suggestion: Texturing

You need more interesting textures. maybe an actual grass texture? Also, you might texture the main characters clothes.

I love the walk animations! Keep it up!

Gameplay looks good for a start. You already have some A.I, so that’s a good point.

My advice: keep it cartoony.

I’m very impressed with this. My only tip is to use linked groups for enemies and characters. (and objects etc)

It will make it a lot easier to design levels

very useful tutorial Edit: Should solve your problem as well

@The Dawisch
Thanks! I’m enjoying myself though it’s hard! Yeah, haven’t worked on the texture yet, only some just for me to enjoy looking at my character hehe… for the levels, I leave that part to my partner, right now, I’m just focusing on the characters, both hero and the enemies, and most importantly the logic and programming(not very good yet, just starting to learn python), hehe, the walk cycle? what i like to watch is the dying animation haha…

For the controls, i made my own but encountered a problem i could not yet solve at that time, then I saw Cray’s 3rd person template, I learned quite a lot by using that and solved most my problems. The AI is not that good, i’m troubled actually by that now like the way i use the message sensor, all duplicated enemies act the same even though seperated. anyway thanks!! what do you mean by cartoony?

Hehe thanks! and also for the tip and link!! I’ll be studying that! hope i can really solve my problem now!

Current Progress:
Still having problems with positioning and duplicating of enemy.
Placed my character in the level01 my teammate created.
Placed also an enemy just to try it out.

here’s a video of the prototype level!

Wow, very impressive. Somehow the style reminds me of Megaman64. Keep up the great work!

Simple and plain, like TF2 and LOZ the wind waker.

it’s already quite cartoony but a nice toon shader could do wonders for the look of this game

yeah, I was wondering how to apply toon shading, I really liked the appearance of that, cuz I saw “maid-san”, can’t remember properly, it was a toon shaded maid model, and it looked great… But for now, i’m concentrating on the gameplay and logic, can’t get myself distracted learning multiple things and not learning one at all, but someday! anyway, i saw the tutorial, I think groups is what i really need now, tnx again for the link!

Glad to see you’re focusing on gameplay and logic as opposed to graphics. Is this your first Blender Game project? Have you made other games (with blender or other software) before? I think that you have the makings of a successful game here. I hope all turns out well for you.

Toon shader is in the shader tab of the materials buttons. you can ask me or just post here about it when/if you’re ready/want to learn about it

Very nice progress, and where can i get a blender belt like that.:eyebrowlift2:

Um, sure, I’ll help out with the AI, but it’s really really really simple… Basicly my enemy has an eyesight (script created by Andrew-101) and it gives the enemy an eyesight (I think it’s 150-180 degrees, I can’t remember) Then I have a patrolling state and the only thing this does is that if it detects a wall turn right (but I can make it random… Right or left…) Then if the eyesight sees the player it tracks to it… Sense the enemy has a bounding box, I made it so that if the player is touching the player, the enemy plays punching animations…

Then I put a script on a ray going through the sword saying that is the ray passes through the enemy, get the objects hit and decrease it’s health by 1… Always, because if I want the sword to make more damage I can just make the enemies have lower health. I also have a hit animation that plays when the health is changed… but that’s not very smart because you can’t increase the health or it will play the hit animation… but since my enemies health is always going down… I don’t care, you might have to change it up a bit… You can download my game and see the script and everything if you want…


yeah, it’s my first game project, I also hope… nah, I will do my best to make this as a success! thanks for the support, I surely will ask for help on the toon shader someday, when I am fairly progressed with the gameplay.

haha, yeah, just did that for fun, I hope Blender won’t hate me for a crappy looking belt… haha, actually i made a mistake on unwrapping the UV for that, the logo is supposed to be a Buckle but it went to the side haha… I really don’t like unwrapping very much… it’s very hard specially when you have too many face…

Yehey! I really like that eyesight logic, makes sense, because my enemy isn’t spiderman who has spider sense and can feel or see the enemies behind, I also like the idea of being able to sneak around them, I guess i’ll ask Andrew-101 if I can use the script! I aslo like your patrolling state where the enemies turn and turn, soldiers do that so I will implement that as well, I hope you don’t mind… Nice game by the way! Can’t wait to see your real Level, with the new models…