Bolo-Ta | The first game I made ^^

I made this game some time ago, can’t remember when,but I was this close moves fingers 3cm apart (1 inch for you imperial noobs) to finishing but never did. Ah well, its in a playable state with 2 levels.

It is a maze game :o but a different type of maze game.
The aim is the reach the end of the maze by changing gravity (best noob maze game ever huh)

So here is a screenie:

There is a how to part in the game so just read that on gravity changing instructions. And move the camera by scrolling the mouse wheel.

Just thought I’d share my very first gamem don’t tell me about any bugs, I’m not going to fix them and download attached to post.


Bolo-Ta.blend (840 KB)

Looks Kool! :smiley:

Why thank you.

Very nice, Andrew, but very hard! One thing that would’ve helped was if we could rotate the camera… ah well, I can wish :smiley:

Looks pretty nice! Downloading it right now…:stuck_out_tongue:

I really like it! :smiley: Shame your giving up on it cos it could be 100x times better with bugs and gameplay sorted out.

Oh wow, your wish came true :eek: Move the camera using the mouse wheel, I’ll update the first post.

Thanks for the positive feed back. I may completely re-make some time but I won’t be using this blend, its just too messy to work with. I was actually thinking of making a tomb crawling puzzler where you would have to change gravity to get past each room, infact, I actually started modelling this:

Why are still people using inch-pound-feet systems? Why not just the SI?
(Very awesome for a first game. Well done :))
But it’s too buggy. That’s why I can’t win it. It suddenly gives me a thousand errors and I can’t even change grav/move the ball.

I never knew that the metric system could be abbreviated (had to google :o) Yep, metric is the to go.

A first game that uses python, now thats something you don’t see much :slight_smile:

Cool, my first game was just an asteroids clone. It’s great that you accomplished something of this quality as your first official game.


You know, the screen looks like this could be a fun game, I haven’t downloaded it but I want to make sure that if you change gravity use python to do it instead of trying to use force.

Like set a python controller to run this script and connect it to 6 different key sensors and give the sensors the names shown in bold, italicizes, and underlined.

import GameLogic as g
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()
U = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>up</i></i></b>").isPositive()
D = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>down</i></i></b>").isPositive()
L = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>left</i></i></b>").isPositive()
R = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>right</i></i></b>").isPositive()
F = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>forward</i></i></b>").isPositive()
B = cont.getSensor("<b><i><i>back</i></i></b>").isPositive()
if U:
if D:
if L:
if R:
if F:
if B:

I have an itching game idea now when I tested this script with a cube inside a box, interesting how that works.

Yes I used .setGravity() to change gravity.