Bolt Factory Scale

I am using the included Bolt Factory add-on with Blender 2.93.4 and when I add bolts they come in way to large for my scene. By default the bolt is about 18 meters long and need ones that a more like 80 mm long. I would like to be able to shrink the entire bolt evenly while creating it so I can adjust the length and pitch to my desire, but I do not see away to do that. Anyone know a work around or something obvious I am missing?

Hi there,

well, this is a known issue and not yet really fixed within Vers. 0.4.0 of the add-on. (Thus I am not shure whether to be fixable at all)
The add-on is intented to use mm as size-values. The factory-settings of blender are using meters.

For me the work-arround is:
Setting the units in Blender to mm and the unit-scale to 0.01 - the sizes are then correct accoring to the presets (m3 f.e.) etc.
If you try to adjust the mesurements without this, you are struggeling with the pitch value, which does not allow less than 0.1 - which leads to strange effects.

Well, I found out, that you can switch back to meters without any issues while letting the unit scale value at 0.01. :slight_smile: