Bolt Factory

Where is the bolt factory in 2.70a? When I check the addon I can’t find the bolt.

I typed “bol” and it was there.

I can find the addon and have it checked but when I go to the create tab I don’t see add bolt under mesh.

Bolt Factory addon

If you don’t see it supply more relevant info

Ok here is a screen shot of the user preferences.

And here is one from the Create Tab in 2.7a
I can’t find where to add the bolt. It works fine in earlier builds.

Here is the User Preferences screen shot.[ATTACH=CONFIG]312595[/ATTACH]

And here is the Create Tab screen shot.[ATTACH=CONFIG]312596[/ATTACH] I can’t find the bolt in 2.70a. It works just fine in earlier builds.

Sorry about the first image in post 5.

hi, Bolt Factory is in the Shift/A Add Mesh Menu.
It’s not integrated into the Creat Tab yet.
I have intergrated all add_mesh & several other addons, but it’s not approved looked at…

Hey; Thanks Meta, I never thought to look at the short cut for that.
I hope the addons are soon to get their own tabs or spots on the tool bar.
Thanks again!
I hope this helps others as well.

I am also using Blender 2.7. I can add bolts, but I can’t access the Parameters Overview to then change the parameters of the bolts. In their wiki they say that “The interface for this script is found in the Tool Shelf > Object Tools” but I can’t find it…

Ensure the toolshelf is open (shortcut T)
Ensure you can see the operator panel at the botttom of the toolshelf. If not you may have minimised it. If there is a + icon at bottom press it.
The bolt properties are ONLY visible when you add the bolt.
If the properties are greyed out ensure you have not disables ‘Global Undo’ in the User Preferences / Editing panel
In addition to accessing the properties in the toolshelf you can also access them by pressing the F6 key

In this video they access the bolt properties even after the bolt was added to change its properties, but they use the scripts window that I can’t find (maybe it no longer exists).