Bolt Heads - studio render

So I found this modeling tutorial ( by Grant Warwick; and although it is for Modo I decided I’d try to reiterate it in Blender 3d. It was more of an training exercise that escalated somewhat so this is not a complete project. It lacks the bolt tails and the textures needs more work, but here it is. :slight_smile:

Highres version:


Excellent work. Is the texture hand painted?


Thanks :smiley:

I originally intended to do a quick showoff of the model, thus I created a mix of two textures within Gimp and made them seamless in Blender. However some hand painted scratches and smaller details would increase it’s awesomeness; but I’ll save that for another project of mine! :wink:

nice! great texturing. could you share the texture(s)?

Looking good, apart from the textures which you’ve already mentioned, the only thing I can think of is maybe more exploitation of the coveted z axis would give you some depth and allow you to show your models from different angles and at different sizes. Great job :slight_smile:

@gregzaal thanks! These textures weren’t personalized for the models, I just made them tileless, made some color correction and removed some large details to make it more tileable so that I had something to work with within blender. But here’ya go: :smiley:

@Dakka Dakka
Yeah, the first composition I played with had the camera way to the button, but since that obscured the details of the top I changed it. Maybe I’ll render out a couple more with different angles. :wink:

Edit: I have now rendered two new camera views, check them out!