bolts sculpted prot to cycles

here the old example for adding bolts with some nor alpha map which works in the older version of blender

now trying to make this works in latest SVN

how can this work with the different nodes in cycles
treid with bump normal and displacement node

now this is using one of the 2.68 SVN
seems that it does not give same results in 2.67 !

propeler2.blend (428 KB)

thansk for any help

According to what you did in your blend file, you already know all that is to know, i.e. what to plug and where.

What else do you want to know? :smiley:

i did a test in BL for normal map
and seems to work
but resulst are not that good it could be the old video card i have

still in cycles nothing is coming out you see render i did !

did i forget something somewhere may be a noobie mistake!

now i don’t really need to use the sculpt and multres
only the bump or normal map to get another way to make the bolts as 3D nor or bump map


did another test with image for one bolt alpha and nor map
and it seems to work fine
except the alpha image with displacement
it is always inward and refuse to be outward!
i’ll experimebt some more to find why

but the nor and bump map seems to work now

so i guess the image i used for group of bolts are not good for wathever reason!

got all of these working for one bolt

bug2.blend (503 KB)

bugbool5.blend (497 KB)