Bolzano-Dakar: update

This is my first 3d-work in progress of my life.


I need some help to improve texture quality. Is it possible to combine UV mapping and a texture which maps to normals?

C&C are well accepted.

That is excellent!

Just take the same texture you used as UV and load it as an Image texture. By default it is mapped to ORCO. Change that to UV so it finds the UV coords you used. Then use NOR to bump it.


Thanks a lot for your precious tip! And I’m happy you appreciate my job.

That’s your first model ever… DAMN :open_mouth: You don’t even wanna see my first model.

This is my first work (obviously, as you can see, it is just started), but it took me long time (the “Vespa raider” is “equipped” with armature too), about two months. I’m following the Blender’s manual step by step and a beautiful tutorial (found thanks to Elysiun) that explains how to model a human head.
The textures need to be improved, and the light is positioned without care.
I’m not satisfied with the skin of my strange man. It seems to me too artificial.
I hope that a proper “scenario” (i.e. desert, with rocky mountains on the back etc. etc.) will help me to achieve a better result.

Very nice start!

You might want to turn ray mir on for chrome parts.
Everithing will look more realistic if you use AO (Which is so new the manual does not cover it :wink: )

Is it for a still or an anim?


Nice Character, and a superb first work! You’re right, the lighting looks very temporary :wink:

Looking forward to see more…

I tried to use raymir. Amazing! Thanks a lot for this tip. I haven’t found it on the manual, and so i tried to obtain “chrome” effect maximizing specularity (I tried using imagemap too, but, considering the small size of the metal-object, I preferred maximizing spec). But by using raymir the “look” is tremendously better.
I will read docs about ambient occlusion too.
Now I’d like to upload two “collages” of my partial work. The second one is a “old-fashion” version of the first. Both images are obtained without raymir. I will modify my metal-materials as soon as possible.
Thanks to everyone who helped me. Bye.
(sorry for my macaroni-English)


Answering to Stefano, i forgot to specify if I will realize a still or an animation.
Actually my knowledges about animation are really scarse. I only made a very very short movie moving a leg, a feet and the arms of my “Vespa rider”.
But the “strange man” is equipped with bones, the vertex groups are defined and the objects are parented in order to move them.
I’m not able to decide now.

These are new uploads after applying ambient occlusion and raymir.

If I’ve well understood, using ambient occlusioni permits to obtain diffuse and uniform light without using the method of the UVsphere (or icosphere) with dupliverts and lamps.
Is it right?

Thanks to everyone will answer to my question.



Hehe, that’s a funny scene you got there. I love the socks and underwear drying while riding… what an amazing idea… gotta try that… :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that I would critique on would be hands… Gotta work on them a bit more.

Other than that, great job!

To find out more about AO you can go here (Oh and, you’re kind of right, it’s almost like that fake AO sphere method):

I love AO, it’s one of the greatest things that Blender has.


Thanks a lot for your answer. The fingers are not yet “positioned”, because I didn’t put bones in them (it was too difficult!). I will, as soon as possible, model fingers.
I was amazed by the AO. It’s really a powerful tool!

This is so awesome! I just love this stuff, the character, the vespa, the details, everything is great! It would be my dream to one day model something like this. Fantastic work.

thanks a lot for your compliments, specially related to the character. Modelling this required me an effort (and time) a lot greater than modelling the remaining things
I started with Blender after receiving the manual (three months ago). I’m sure you will soon be able (or you ARE able) to do something better than my work!

Sorry for my english

WOW, GOod job… I’m workin on my first model but it sucks :(… Oh well, the more I blend the better I get :P… GOOD JOB AGAIN!

Very nice toony style of modeling, it looks awesome. Keep Blending, I need to do more high poly modeling :smiley:

One of my top five favourite blender images. Very impressive!! Please submit it to the image gallery at so that more can enjoy it :smiley:


To GreyBeard:
your compliments encourage me to work with more effort to obtain better results. Thanks.
About, my work is still not finished (it’s just begun!) and the gallery of blender3d is made of 1st quality works. I fear that I never will be able to do something that’s so awesome to be published there.


I think I will donate a little travelmate to my Vespa-raider.
It’s name, I think, will be “Throttle”.
I have to decide if to make it wearing a helmet and sunglasses (or motorcycle glasses).
What do you think about this character?

I’d like to fake the effect of hot air coming from the desert terrain. Anyone has any suggestion about how to achieve this?
Thanks in advance.