Bolzano-Dakar: update

Throddle! He’s so cute! lol Great work so far man.

My Vespa-raider will start his long raid from a well-known little square of my town: “piazza Erbe” or “Obstplatz”.
This is the beginning of the image:

And the following picture will be, when finished, the cover of my work:

I’d like to receive your critics, and about the english sentences that I put in it too, because I cannot write in this language correctly.
What about the Blender logo that I put in it? Is it possible to use it in this way without violating copyright? Anyone of you has an answer?

Thanks in advance


use the warp plugin and a clouds tex for the heat-waves.
And I think you’re free to use the logo, as long as you don’t pass it off as your own. :wink:

Thanks for your tip. I will study how to use the warp tool.

The poster looks great, I really love the characters and the scooter,

the dog’s hair looks a bit too flat, I don’t have any good pointers about that ( hair is always a problem) … sorry…

Use either “African deserts” (plural) or “the African desert”.


the dog’s hair looks a bit too flat, I don’t have any good pointers about that ( hair is always a problem) … sorry…

You’re right. I tried to obtain a better “fur” for my dog using particles, but the result was not what I expected. The lighting of the dog was a bit too artificial to me.
Thanks for your suggestion

I forgot to thank Flight % for his linguistical help!

yes that is some nice work i like the poster that rocks :).

Sorry, but I’m not skilled with English. What does “to rock” mean?

If something “rocks”, it is really good. Also “rocking” can mean moving back and forth.

Very nice!

Particles for sand behind the vespa can be tweaked a little.

Probably using Unified Renderer would help a lot

Then lower alpha and higher hardness, and some noise texture…


I will try as soon as possible to use unified renderer and to increase alpha and hardness to improve the sand quality. I hope that this way of rendering will give me satisfaction with particles and halo.
Thanks a lot.

Here is the new cover using “Unified renderer” and working with a cloud-texture on the sand-dust.
Using unified renderer I noticed that the particles come in foreground. With normal rendering they were in background.
Is it right?

I added a compass and modified the general layout of the cover.

I’m thinking to put the fotoreportage in dia-frames. I modeled one for this purpose. So it will be possible to give a short description writing it on the dia.
The following are examples.

C&c are welcome.

I just think that it is great that you had the patience to sit and learn Blender all at once. I’m sure a lot of people could learn Blender in a couple months if they just stuck with it.

I would work for a couple weeks and take a couple weeks off. But I’ve gotten there slowly. Unfortunately my job keeps me from doing much with Blender recently (though I do use it in commercials some times).

Anyway, the model looks great. A great cartoon. I love the little mo-ped. The subtleties and the detail are great as well. Textures are good too, and the character has some good personallity, something that is sometimes hard to capture. Keep up the AWSOME work.

To Blazer 003
Many thanks to you for what you wrote!
PS: your signature about asteroids and so on is very funny! Where did you take it? Or have you invented it? Is the best signature that I’ve read in the forum.

heheh, you’ve seen his avatar? can you guess where the quote originated from?

This project is looking better and better all the time. Keep up the great work!

x Demonghast

Yes, the first sentence comes probably from Star Wars. But the two sentences together are really really funny.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Ohhhh…what I see…It’s nice modeled “Piazza delle Erbe”…How can I know the name??I was born and I live in Bolzano…How it’s small the world :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work so far. Ganz zauber! (that means : it rocks!)
For the heat waves I would rather use a totaly non reflective object with refraction. Just a clear wavy box or something with ior = 1.5 or something.
The problem is though that the heatwave blurs the the image too. I don’t think you can do that in Blender right away. Maybe by animating the refractive object a bit with motion blur?