This is my first attempt at an animation. It’s an idea I had years ago, but my Blender activities are so few and far between it takes me a while to get round to doing anything at all with it. My last project was completed in July 2010, and this has been ongoing since then. The first design for the bomb itself is dated 2007! I am the Duke Nukem Forever of Blender projects :evilgrin:

Anyway, I’m not too upset with how this came out. I started in version 2.49 which didn’t have the smoke simulator - that would have been fun to play with and given more realistic results, but I’d never finish any project if I tried to keep up with new features. I can’t decide if the camera shake is quite right either. I can’t really say what’s wrong with it though - just a gut feeling. I’m pretty pleased with the physics and timing in the second half.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. Tell me what you make of it.


Hey not bad at all!
I like the simplified style. Also the dropping characters thing at the end was a really nice idea and well done.

Well Done Dude, Very cool explosion to!

A question: where it’s going the burned fuse, how you hide it? It’s a object following a curve and hiding in the back or inside the bomb? The thing that did not convinced me it’s the explosion, i was expecting a bigger one :slight_smile:

Take and TigerNDV: Thanks - glad you liked it!

mik1190: The fuse object is created straight, then applied to a curved path which continues inside the bomb and through the floor. The fuse follows the curve and also rotates at the right speed so the same ‘face’ always faces the camera to make it look as though it’s not actually moving. At the point of the explosion, the bomb and fuse are moved below the floor out of the way. Regarding the explosion itself: life is full of disappointments! :wink:

Why don’t I see the link??

I like the Shaders and Lighting!
Only the explosion is a bit too slow and small in relation to the power implied by the camera shake

@Owldude: I’ve added a direct link to the video - there was only an embedded vid before. Hope that works for you!

@sunboy: I think you may have put your finger on why the camera shake dissatisfied me. Thanks for the feedback!