i just started on this project a couple of days ago. im still kinda new at blender so any inprovs would be greatly appreciated. thanks


I think it looks great, both the modeling, and the materials/textures. My only problem is that the render is a little too darkm so it’s hard to see some of the details.

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The bomber looks really nice, for improvements the biggest things I would say work on are the propellers and front end of the engines. needs more detail in there. and you might want to put some motion blur the propellers, assuming this plane is in the air it would be nice to have the engines on. :wink:
It doesn’t look to dark on my monitor, it could perhaps seem dark because of the low contrast, but I personally like that, makes me feel like it’s on a nighttime bombing mission or something of that nature.
Are you planing on adding much more to this?

As above (edit: both above posts), and while the camera angle is really good for a finished render it doesn’t really give us a nice overview of the bomber to crit.

heres some more veiws of my plane
and yes im planning on modeling a better engine
and can anyone tell me how to turn the motion blurr on lol


I believe this is the fastest way (the old motion blur required the rendering of several frames which took ages).

EDIT: A cyclic IPO should work for spinning the props (though I haven’t tried anything like it in ages, though I have an experiment somewhere),

for search purposes you should ahve given the exact model to allow other peole to find it faster

it’s beginning to look nce but did you model the inside too?