Bone Blink..?

Is there a way to have both a blink control and automatic eyeball-follow when working with just bones?

I’ve rigged the eyelids with bones, with a bone rooted at the center of the eyeball for each lid (two per eye) extending out toward the surface of the eyeball. I can use a Copy Rotation constraint for each so the eyelids follow the eye’s rotation, and I can use a Transform constraint to mimic the cool eye controls in the Lighthouse rig breakdown so the lids close when the ‘look’ bone is scaled, but I can’t seem to figure out a combination that’ll let me use both.

I’ve seen similar controls in rigging reels in other software too, but it looks like, along with the BBB and Lighthouse rigs, they’re using shapekeys. Is there a way to do it with just bones?

use an action constraint for the blink, but you may need two bones, one target and one blink bone, just parent them.

I still need to do a little tweaking, but the Action constraint works great! Just what I was looking for – thanks, sausages!