Bone chain scales weirdly when it should definitely not

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to build myself a nice arm, and just when I think I’m done with it, a weird problem arises : when I try to move the elbow stretch controller around (ik_bend_CTRL or fk_bend_CTRL), the forearm part of the bone chain that I use for skinning (the red one) scales on its local X axis and the “hand” part scales on its Z axis. (hand_SKIN and forearm_SKIN respectively) They should not !

Nothing is supposed to be affecting these particular bone’s scale values (no driver, no constraint except stretch to), and the fact that the arm part of the bone chain stays unaffected by these issues beats me.

I gladly welcome any help at all.



Edit - the issue is not related to the curved b-bones I’m using, since changing the bone type and/or the segmentation doesn’t change a thing. The bone rolls look okay. The constraints work intendedly. I really don’t know where this might be coming from.

arm_SKIN and forearm_SKIN are stretching to fk_bend_CTRL and others.
So hand_SKIN inherits Scale, this can be turned off in Properties -> Bone -> Relations.

You’re right. I didn’t see that. Many thanks. :smiley: However… the mesh doesn’t scale along with the rig now (when using the global controller). Not that it’s absolutely necessary, but… well, I guess that’s okay.

Marked as solved. Thank you ! :slight_smile: