Bone changes his position when leaving edit mode.

The whole structure of my armature changes when i leave edit mode. Does anyone know why is that?
Thank you for your help.

So you leave edit mode and go into what ? Object Mode ? Pose mode ? You don’t say. Nor have you shown us what this difference looks like and not even posted a link to the blend file to look at.

If you want help, please make it as easy as possible for those kind people who take some of their precious time to try and help you. Don’t make them struggle over trying to guess what your problem is.

Also please think where it is most appropriate to ask the question.
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You say its the armature that is changing.
This is a common situation, when leaving the armatures Edit mode to object mode or Pose mode.
You moved the bones in pose mode, and if you record the position or not, the bones are in a different position.

To solve this problem, in pose mode, select all the bones.
Then select from the Menu: Pose -> Clear Transform -> All.

Im not sure if thats the correct problem.


Sometimes IK chains shift a little when entering pose mode, that’s because they take the orientation dictated by their pole target.