Bone contol shapes

Does anyone have or know of a collection of control shapes for bones? I would imagine they should be licensed under a public domain license. As I am starting with rigging, I would like to use some best practices of experienced riggers.

  1. add a Rigify rig (Add menu -> Armatures -> Human (Meta Rig)
  2. go to the Armature tab in the Properties window (looks like a T-pose)
  3. go to the bottom of that tab and click the Generate button
  4. click on the 3D View’s layer #20

You’ll find a professional set of custom bone shape meshes.

yes. as rontarrant pointed out the rigify bone shapes are very nice! you can of course edit them for your needs.


Thanks. That works if you have humanoid like armature. I guess the same controls would also work on most animals. However what about control shapes for a mechanical apparatus, like a car, ship, caterpillar? Are there any standards how these shapes should look like? I am hoping for something that any rigger would look at and recognize by the shape what the bone is for.

afaik there is no standard for shapes. just use some obvious kind of shape which looks like the the thing it controls or which looks like the movement it controls (like with arrows or such).
for animators it is pretty clear that it is a controller. you can give them individual colors by using bone groups.

best would be if you talked to the animator for special shapes how he would lime to have it.