Bone doesn't appear...

Hello, I got a question. I’m trying to make a standing pose for my character. It works fine, and I have animated some things already. But now I come up with the idea to move the chest of the fox to make it look like his breathing. So I added another bone, and tried to size up and down. It looks like he’s breathing. But the new bone doesn’t appear in my “stand” action. So I can’t include the breathing in the animation. How can I add the bone?:frowning:

It looks like you haven’t inserted any keyframes for that bone.

Algorith is right, it appears you made your action before the bone was created. And if my guess is right you made the action by selecting all of the bones and inserting keyframes.
In order to get your new bone added simply add a keyframe with only it selected.(that is unless you want other bones to change too)