Bone Edit Help!! :(

Ok so whenever I enter edit mode and try to manipulate the ends of the bone blender decides to crash. I’ve tried starting a new .blend file, starting factory settings. Nothing work :frowning: any ideas to what could be wrong?

Windows 7
nVidia gtx 660

That was a bug in one of the 2.71 RC builds. Fixed for the official release 2.71.


I use the “Sapling Tree Addon.” I know how to open it and “add tree.” When I do other things the window editing tab will disappear and I cant ever find it again to continue editing, because the window tab changes to another action. So if I make 1 mistake the entire tab is gone and I have to start over.

How do I get the window for “Sapling Tree” open and available to reopen if I go off editing other things…then need it back up? Do I have to save it into a Blender file so it can stay open? How does this happen to me and is there a spot I go to simply just reopen the past window I had? Thanks for the help here. If I even select an object or new window editor, the window will change to the new 1 and every time I change the window I cant get the last 1 back up.

Thank you Larry! Sorted now!