Bone effect (not sure invert kinematics ?)

In Blender there are bendy bones, but there used tobe another way to tell that the effect of a bone was tobe folowed over x bones higher up in the chain. I think it was a kind of inverse kinematic or so i am not sure either. I’m using 2.8 and am not sure where this could be.

The effect used to be that if you had a leg and you moved the feet, the other bones up in the chain (the aleg) moved as well. using a higher effect level of X (which counted over bones) even the torso could move in direction of the leg for a bit.

Not sure how it was called in 2.79, and where i did it back then but maybe this rings a bell to someone.

Hey, Are you thinking of “Auto IK” maybe ? Tool panel > Options tab > Pose Options
Not sure where it is in 2.8

IK and bendy are two different things, but IK constraints sounds like what you described and are still an important and useful animation tool. (2.8 wont run on my computer, but I’m sure that setting is still in there somewhere.)