Bone Envelopes

Hi, I just downloaded Blender 2.46 and haver troubles with bones. I have bones for arms and legs but when I move them some of the vertices (quiete a lot) dont move and thus arms and legs strech and distort. :eek:Theres also an options ‘create parent form Bone Heat’ which I think works even worse in my opinion. Blender 2.44 armatures worked fine for me, but now I cant change back because I used a lot of 2.46 functions.

My question: is there a way to make more vertices stick to one bone? or make a bone physicallly wider and thicker so more vertices stick to it? Any help appreciated:yes:!

Two options. Use vertix groups instead, or use weight painting to stick the verti to the bone

If you are having trouble with the automatic weight assignments from either the envelope or bone heat options then most likely you need to edit your non-deforming target bones to not deform by going to the Armature Bones panel and turning the deform button off before you parent your mesh .

Or another option would be to not use the two options when parenting and just go into weight paint mode and then select the bones you want to deform the mesh and then use the W specials menu and weight it that way .

Yay the weight painting worked! Got a beautiful (for a noob) action scene now - a musketeer(English redcoat, etc.) running down a hill with a musket and stuff. nice . Thanks for the tips guys! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’m back again because I didn’t want to make another thread. I’ve ran into another problem: for example I’ve created an arm with 3 bones biceps, forearm and palm. So when I try moving the biceps more than hmm…60 degrees the palm of the hand gets dislocated and if I try moving the forearm bone, both the forearm and palm get scaled down.

So my question is: Is there another technique of moving armature or am I doing something wrong (how can I avoid dislocation and scaling down). Any tips appreciated! :wink: